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Why do people think it's okay to lie to my face? Do they really think I won't find out? Don't fucking tell me you've given me no reason not to trust you as you're in the middle of a lie. Now I KNOW I can't trust you. And where does that put us? You're my closest friend. Do you think it's okay to break promises to me? To put this rift between us? All I've done is loved and cared about you, and this is how you repay me? By breaking a promise to me, and further hurting me by disregarding any trust issues you knew I had? You're an adult now. Act like one. Breaking our promise in such a way is not acting like an adult, and won't get you anywhere happily in life. You try to act all mature about relationships, but you're not. I'm expected to change. But why. I'm the one who knows how to handle things. In college, things are different. I'm appreciated because I know how to be mature in a relationship. You, however, are still a child. I may have my fair share of problems, but own up to your own. I'm sick of being the bad guy. I never hurt you like this. Why did you have to do it to me?
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