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So I guess its not one that could work.
I really liked him too.

Loved him.
Love him.

He said he loves me. He cares about me. That I was perfect. He just can't be in a relationship right now.

Like I said. Fuck.
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uh yeah i just had one of those two, girl. i feel you!
oops, that was supposed to be a heart.
you sure do know how to pick them love.

are you finally gonna sick me on this one?
no. i'm sorry. not this one. the last one though, go to town with.
all i need is a name, a social security number and/or an address
i resent that
babe, Jay was the last one.
I already told DJ couldn't hurt you.
sorry to hear that

i am adding you to my livejournal friends list

matt goeke
matt goeke, if anyone is allowed to add me to their livejournal friends list, it's you.