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She Is My Sin

I must confess...

[ Morgana Le Fae ]
16 June
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I'm me. I love music of all kinds and people of all kinds. And dew.
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And there's love for teh penguins. We can't forget those.

Created by fallen_stars__

Lightsabers are love
1984, 42!, 80s music, a midsummer night's dream, a perfect circle, afi, alkaline trio, anberlin, angels and demons, animal farm, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, batman!, beck, belle and sebastian, beyond good & evil, billy talent, boys and girls, boys night out, brand new, breakfast at tiffany's, bright eyes, cloud strife, computers, cosmicomics, crime and punishment, cursive, daft punk, dancing, dandy warhols, death cab for cutie, deception point, digital fortress, disturbed, dragons, drawing, dungeons and dragons, elliot smith, elvenking, elves and faeries, ender's game, faerie wars, fall out boy, final fantasy 7, flaming lips, frank sinatra, frisbee, gir, good life, green day, gta, guitar, harry potter, hot hot heat, ima robot, inheritance series, interview with the vampire, invader zim, iron and wine, jethro tull, jrr tolkein, kotor, koufax, labyrinth, lord of the rings, magick, mc chris, minus the bear, motion city soundtrack, mountain dew, movies, muse, music, musicals, my bloody valentine, my chemical romance, mythology, neutral milk hotel, nightwish, nine inch nails, nirvana, of montreal, ok go, op ivy, paganism, painting, philosophy, photography, piebald, politics, polyphonic spree, r.e.m, reading, religion, rilo kiley, risk your life, river city high, rocky votolato, singing, sleep, snow patrol, son ambulance, soul calibur 2, stars, sublime, taking back sunday, talim, tarot, the aquabats!, the ataris, the blood brothers, the cure, the da vinci code, the dismemberment plan, the get up kids, the hobbit, the movielife, the new amsterdams, the postal service, the shins, third eye blind, thrice, thursday, tilly and the wall, tim burton, video games, vnv nation, voltaire, weezer, writing, yeah yeah yeahs